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Employer Faqs

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  • 01. What kind of services do we offer?

    We offer hiring technical solutions for your business by taking your employees onboard with us and providing them office space to work and coordinate with you.

  • 02. Who will pay for their onboarding expenses?

    TalentX will make sure to cover all the onboarding expenses along with employee benefits, taxes and even provide state of art laptops and macbooks.

  • 03. Are the employees being supervised?

    Yes. To ensure quality of work, we have HR supervision who will also guide them in unforeseen circumstances.

  • 04. What happens if my employee leaves suddenly?

    In case of sudden quitting, TalentX prepares backup resources in advance and covers its cost too. This will ensure smooth running of your tasks and projects without any delay faced.

  • 05. How can I make TalentX my staffing partner?

    Fill a consultation form and we will get right back to you to learn all about your staffing needs and find the right one for you from the pool.