Top Calgary Headhunters

As Calgary’s leading headhunters, we aim to help your company find the ideal resources. Whether you’re looking to fill a specific job role or looking to build a team from scratch, our Head Hunters Calgary services are tailored to help you fill the required roles.

Finding an ideal candidate who can fit your working culture can be a challenging process. It can be time-consuming and expensive, yet the success isn’t guaranteed. So why waste such precious resources? Let us help you make the process easier.

At TalentX, we have a team of executive recruiters who make talent hunt and job search effective. They’re equipped with resources to help you connect with top-tier talent or rewarding jobs in Calgary.

Why You Need Headhunters Calgary Services?

Our experienced team of executive recruiters are well connected with the job market. The experience and connections are not limited to a few industries. This enables our team to have access to a vast talent pool and excessively rewarding jobs. We’re committed to delivering results to clients’ satisfaction. The expertise enables our executive recruiters to connect you with your ideal candidate or desired job in a quick time. And that’s what makes TalentX stand out.

How Our Head Hunters Calgary Services Work?

As the leading Head of Hunters in Calgary, we know that finding an ideal candidate can be a demanding task. If you miss the trick, the invested time and money is gone. TalentX follows a flawless recruiting process to deliver desired results.

Understand the Requirements

We understand the essence of listening. So, in the first step, we arrange a meeting with the client to ask questions and gather information regarding the job specifications. It enables us to understand your work culture and the candidate who can be an ideal fit for your firm.

Begin the Hunting

Once we know your requirements, we begin our hunt for the potential candidate. The search includes reviewing our internal database and posting ads online on various platforms. This way, our team builds a wide pool of potential candidates.

List Down the Potential Candidates

Our extensive hunting enables us to prepare a long list of potential candidates. We contact all the candidates and schedule interviews with the interested ones.

Squeeze the List

The potential candidates go through several interviews. After reviewing the performances, we shortlist candidates that match the job requirements.


Once we have a shortlist of potential candidates, we conduct thorough reference checks for verification. Our team conduct background checks for each candidate and verify their academic credentials to make sure the candidates are good to go.

The Final Phase

After the verification, we present the client with the shortlist of ideal candidates. Our team organize interviews between the client and candidates. Our experts also offer their services in negotiations for smooth onboarding.